Case Study

Bharat Gas Agencies

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (BPCL), a Fortune 500 Company is a major player in the Refining and Marketing of petroleum products in India. The Company today is a fully integrated entity after the incorporation of upstream subsidiary Bharat Petro Resources Limited. The Company today offers fully integrated operations with the incorporation of upstream subsidiary Bharat Petro Resources Ltd. in 2005. BPRL now has interests in 20 Exploration blocks in India, Australia, Brazil, East Timor, Indonesia & Mozambique.

Association with Godial

During the lockdown, the LPG cooking gas providing department of theirs was suffering from a lack of communication with their customers. The manual booking and reminders of payments were the things that were suffering the most, as the lockdown had ceased any sort of movement. Their agents even could not go door to door to inform people about the new updates. Today, with the assistance of GoDial most of the agencies of Bharat Gas across Maharashtra (One of the most affected states due to Corona) have succeeded in not only connecting with their customers with the autodialer of GoDial but have been able to maintain records and track the performance of their agents with the in-built CRM of software.

Bharat Gas Agents are now using GoDial for:
Bookings Reminders
Managing Customer List
Work From Home

Personal Collection

Personal Collection or PC is a direct selling company based in the Philippines, that provides high-quality products and livelihood for thousands through its dealer network. It operates through the commitment of hardworking people who have discovered financial freedom and the Great Life, which is the ultimate incentive for doing business with PC.

Association with Godial

The intercountry business relationship started when PC was looking for a simplified solution to the rather complicated problem of new customer acquisition, ordering goods from vendors to payment collection. With Godial’s autodialer, they now not only connect to more customers but can track the life cycles of their leads with its built-in CRM. The reminder feature of Godial and exporting of reports helped them to maintain vendor orders easily without investing in manpower. Even a complex problem like the collection of payments has become easier for them with GoDial’s task creating facilities. Personal Collection is invested in us mainly because of Godial's
Vendor Managment
Payment Collection
New Customer Acquisition

Future Group

Rewrite Rules, Retain Values – this simple idea has been at the core of their business since the inception of Future Group. Today, a wide portfolio of brands in food, FMCG and fashion, complement the country’s pioneering modern retail networks. More than 600 million customer visits are recorded across the 2,000 Future Group retail stores, covering over 24 million square feet of space in over 400 cities and towns. Millions more interact with group brands and businesses through e-commerce sites, social media, and mobile apps like FuturePay and EasyDay Club.

Association with Godial

Connecting with customers, specially for a team that was now remote became a problem for the group during the pandemic as the lockdown crippled people to their sofas. With Godial’s auto-dialing feature connecting with customers became hassle-free and the in-built tracking aided them in keeping a track of their training and day-to-day activities. GoDial’s association with them did not stop here, for the autodialer and CRM went on to help them in selling their insurance policies. With the autodialer, more connections could be made in less time and the CRM helped their agents to do all this from the safety of their home, and the managers could easily track the progress from the web dashboard and prepare reports.
Improve Training and Quality
Reach More Customers
Remote Team