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GoDial turns your phone into a SIM based Auto Dialer and CRM for Teams.

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Manage Your Sales Pipeline on-the-go, Making You More Productive and Responsive.

Our powerful mobile-based calling software is specifically designed to help real estate professionals connect with potential clients and customers quickly and efficiently. With GoDial’s SIM based Auto Dialer, you can upload a list of phone numbers and let the software do the work, freeing up your time to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

Why Choose Godial in Real Estate Industry?

GoDial helps Real Estate companies to improve their sales processes, increase sales, and work more efficiently as a team. With its easy-to-use interface, powerful Auto Dialer, and collaborative features, GoDial is an ideal Sales CRM for businesses in the real estate industry.

Streamlined Sales Process

With GoDial, the real estate company was able to streamline their sales process and manage their entire sales pipeline in one place. This saved them time and improved their productivity.

Increased Sales

GoDial's Auto Dialer allowed the real estate company to connect with more potential clients and customers, which led to an increase in sales.

Better Follow up

With GoDial, the real estate company could easily schedule follow-up activities and track their progress. This helped them stay on top of their sales leads and close more deals.

Immensely Collaborative

GoDial's collaborative features allowed the real estate company to work together as a team and share information about their leads and sales pipeline. This helped them improve their communication and work more efficiently.

All The Tools Your Telecalling Team Needs

Since 2019 GoDial has handled more than 4CR+ calls for customers across the world

Auto Dialer

Our app auto initiate calls directly from your phone so you dont have to manually dial each number.

Mobile CRM

Integrate all leads into GoDial. Track lead activity. Follow up on time and more.

Measure Performance

Track call duration, call outcome, activity summary, attendance. Listen to Call recordings.

Free Integrations

Connect your FB lead ads, Indiamart, JustDial, MagicBricks, Website or any other platform easily.


Drop a preset message, email or whatsapp after each call. Increase brand recall.

Auto Distribution

GoDial automatically distributes your leads across the team to ensure low idle time.


GoDial however eliminates the need for Cloud telephony all together and helps you save on a huge call bill. This is because GoDial can use your phone’s SIM card to make the calls.

Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony provides you a virtual number, which will be shown to the customer and whenever your agents want to place a call, a two way call will be launched that calls the agent on one end and the customer on another end and joins them.

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