Godial Vs Cloud Telephony

You may already know about cloud telephony companies like Exotel, Knowlarity, SuperReceptionist, etc. These companies provide telephony services. They will provide you a virtual number, which will be shown to the customer and whenever your agents want to place a call, a two way call will be launched that calls the agent on one end and the customer on another end and joins them. You have to pay for both the legs of the call. You will get features like IVR / Incoming Menu, A single virtual number, Call recording that is done on the server side. The good news is GoDial works with some cloud telephony services and we are open to integrate more based on your needs in case you wish to use their services.

GoDial however eliminates the need for Cloud telephony all together and helps you save on a huge call bill. This is because GoDial can use your phone’s SIM card to make the calls. Apart from that since your own numbers are used, it’s less likely that they have been marked spam, which is the case if you get a virtual number from a pool of numbers. There are a lot of other advantages also like the virtually unlimited and free calls that you get on your sim.

GoDial is a Automatic Call App,Mobile CRM and Outbound Dialer Software for Mobile Telecalling and Outbound Calling Service. Setup your outbound call center in less than 2 mins with GoDial. GoDial uses phone's SIM for dialing, hence no costs for cloud telephony or voip.