We put all the tools right inside your pocket

Auto Dial Calls

Save time, by quickly calling more customers just like a Call Center.

Message After Call

Send a preset message or a business card via text or Whatsapp after the conversation, increase recall

Easy As A Breeze

App is designed to be work ready from day one. No training required

Voice Notes

Our speech engine converts your audio notes to text and saves them for later

Smart Glance

During call, see customer info and calling script. Capture data, send messages or create tasks

Advance CRM

Filter through contacts, sort lead score, quickly navigate to hot leads and view full history

Works Everywhere

We have android, ios, mac and windows apps. Our dashboard can be viewed on all modern browsers

Dial Out Options

You can choose to call via sim card, line, viber, zoiper, skype and many other tools

Call Tracking

Track Call Duration from device call log on Android, AI based Call Duration on iOS. Track total time spent on a Contact

Call Recording

Record calls with third party app without any extra costs.No need for Cloud Telephony, PRI or VOIP.

All the features that you need. Plus some more

Fully Customisable

GoDial adapts to your process. Customise Call Status (Disposition) outcomes. Create multiple lists. Create custom fields, and enrich customer data via survey calls. Agents can live update contact info during call.

Fields and Dispositions

Create your own fields according to your organisation. Your agents can update contact info or fill the form during the call


Message templates are fully dynamic and customisable. GoDial automatically generates messages by replacing the text with contact's info


Smartness Inbuilt

We built a class leading Automation Engine for the first time in GoDial. Now we automate your everyday tasks so that you don't have to.

Auto Call Distribution

GoDial can auto distribute call lists among the callers, based on first come first serve basis or split equally


Move contacts between lists based on preset rules.For example, move customers when they are marked SOLD to Feedback call list.

Task Manager

Distribute tasks. See who's doing what.

Day's View

Easily see what's to be done for today. Set up tasks for contacts, after call or callback reminders

Calendar Sync

Easily save tasks to your favourite calendars


Analyse Everything

Have a hawk eye on your team's performance


Detailed call reports, tasks reports, duration tracking, performance, idle time and much more


Everyday's attendance is automatically calculated based on first and last call


Send messages like a pro

After Call

Share a business card, share a preset text. Share via text or share via whatsapp. Be on top of your customers' conversation

Auto message

Instead of auto dialing, send messages fast. GoDial can be used to send messages directly from your phone instead of placing calls. Text is auto replaced and dynamic based on the contact of the customer



GoDial is hosted in AWS servers in India and US. GoDial is protected by class leading HTTPS AES 256 bit encryption which ensures end to end connections to and from your devices.GoDial is backed up at regular intervals to ensure no data loss.

More Calls. More Customers.
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