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Try out the most loved CRM for free, no card details required.

Import data from Excel, FB, Zoho etc., and assign to telecallers.

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Get all the details, in one dashboard, track duration etc

Enterprise grade CRM on your Phone

Manage leads right on your phone with our Enterprise grade CRM. Filter, Sort, Track and Manage contacts easily. Never miss a Follow-up.

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Close more deals with our next-gen tools

Make more calls with our superfast Autodialer. Know which customer is calling with our Incoming Call Pop-up. Send template messages or WhatsApp after every call, without saving the contact.

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Whatsapp CRM

Connect your Whatsapp Business number and enjoy a Team inbox right in GoDial. Create auto replies, send broadcast campaigns, setup automations and much more.

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Integrate Leads. From Everywhere.

GoDial Call Center

With GoDial Sim-Dial you can immediately start your calling campaigns just using your phone and SIM card. GoDial will place the call using your phone’s SIM card.

Analyse Your Team's Performance

Get detailed and customised Reports.

View all Incoming and Outgoing calls made via GoDial. Listen to Call Recordings. Easily Export CSV or Excel Reports.

View Calls made, outcomes and summaries. Explore breakdown of call outcomes. Measure performance of your agents.

Measure Idle Time and Active Time. View Attendance .

Your Data Is Safe

GoDial is built with Security, Privacy and Data safety in mind

Your data is protected by SSL encryption

Hosted on AWS servers in India and US regions

Strict access policies and data control is implemented

Regular backup ensure that your data is always safe

The #1 SIM based Auto Dialer and Outbound Call Center CRM Software for Tele Calling used by 1000+ organizations and 50000+ individuals across the world.


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Try out the most loved CRM for free, no card details required.

What is the benefit of using GoDial?
When you deploy GoDial with your team, you instantly see the following benefits 1. Increased no. of calls made by your team 2. Improvement in follow ups and scheduled tasks 3. More brand recall, by sharing a whatsapp after every call 4. Monitoring of each team member, their calls, duration of calls, recording and much more 5. Ability to work from any location, due to our amazing mobile app 6. Reduced costs, due to SIM based dialing. On average every company sees 2-3x more calls, which results in more sales. Follow reminders ensure that no contact is lost. Stop using an excel sheet and move to GoDial to handle your customers and make more calls.
Can I track incoming calls?
Yes, GoDial provides an unified Call log page where you can see outgoing and incoming calls. You can easily dispose the incoming call and set it's status. It will be then shown in the reports.
Can I make international calls?
Yes, you can make both local and international calls with GoDial. GoDial can launch calls from both your phone and desktop. When using from phone you can choose to call using the SIM card, skype or any other dialer apps you have installed. Similarly, in the Web Dialer you can call via Skype or other dialer apps installed on your computer. You can make local or international calls with the dialer of your choice and the pricing of such will depend on the dialer.
How many contacts can I store and calls I can make in a day with Godial?
GoDial is a CRM, with a SIM based Autodialer that runs on your own phone. Cloud tel companies are like Airtel or JIO who provide telephony solutions. With GoDial you do not need any cloud telephony as GoDial can utilize the SIM card on your phone to make calls. This gives you benefits like cost savings, no kyc and compliance hassel, call any number, numbers dont show as spam on truecaller and many more benefits.
GoDial is a Automatic Call App,Mobile CRM and Outbound Dialer Software for Mobile Telecalling and Outbound Calling Service. Setup your outbound call center in less than 2 mins with GoDial. GoDial uses phone's SIM for dialing, hence no costs for cloud telephony or voip.