Reach More People, Faster with GoDial's Voice Broadcast

Enhance your communication strategy with GoDial's Voice Broadcast feature, powered by Twilio's VoIP API. This powerful tool allows you to send pre-recorded messages or text-to-speech messages to a broad audience quickly and efficiently.

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Why Choose GoDial Voice Broadcast?

Deliver your message to hundreds or thousands of contacts simultaneously. Whether you are launching a new product or need to disseminate information quickly, Voice Broadcast ensures your message reaches a wide audience instantly.

Convert any text into a natural-sounding speech using advanced text-to-speech technology. This feature allows you to create messages that are clear and professional without needing pre-recorded audio.

Capture immediate feedback by allowing recipients to respond using their keypad. Whether they press '1' to express interest or any other key to opt into different options, this feature collects essential data from your audience.

Easily set up Voice Broadcast using your Twilio account. All you need is a mobile number from Twilio and a calling balance to start your campaigns.

Track the effectiveness of your broadcasts with detailed reports. See who received your message, who responded, and what actions were taken. Use this data to refine your strategy and improve future campaigns.

Voice Broadcast is a cost-effective way to reach a large number of people without the need for extensive resources. Save on labor and material costs while achieving broad communication coverage.

Key Features - Sim Based Dialing

Quickly configure your voice broadcast campaigns within GoDial. Choose your contact list, upload your audio message or type your text message, and launch your campaign in just a few clicks.

Ensure your message is delivered in high-quality audio that is clear and easy to understand, whether it’s a pre-recorded file or generated through text-to-speech.

Monitor how recipients interact with your messages. Track responses, gather inputs, and analyze engagement to enhance the impact of your outreach.

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