GoDial is the best SIM based AutoDialer for Your Zoho CRM

You can now sync all your contacts and leads live from your Zoho CRM with GoDial. Have your callers auto dial your leads and contacts from their phones and the call information will get updated on your Zoho CRM.

Why use GoDial for Zoho?

Quickly dial your contacts from your caller's phone without having to type in the numbers

Leads and contacts are auto distributed to your callers

Contacts and leads are imported live from Zoho and after autodialed by GoDial are synced back with Zoho

You can see the entire call history on your Zoho dashboard, and you can get detailed information on GoDial dashboard. We also support call recording on supported phones.

How it works?


Login to your GoDial account and add all your callers. Then create two lists (one for leads and one for contacts) and assign them to the callers. Go to the integration tab of your GoDial account and click on the Zoho integration option. Authenticate with Zoho by clicking on the Connect button.


Choose which lists your Zoho CRM Leads and Contacts will sync with in GoDial


Click the Import button to copy all existing data to the lists


Click Turn on live sync to ensure that your data is automatically synced with GoDial


Choose which users in Zoho map to which users in GoDial


All your callers now have to do is download and login to the GoDial Team app, to autodial the leads from their own phone. Ensure all the callers have been assigned to the integrated lists.

GoDial is a Automatic Call App,Mobile CRM and Outbound Dialer Software for Mobile Telecalling and Outbound Calling Service. Setup your outbound call center in less than 2 mins with GoDial. GoDial uses phone's SIM for dialing, hence no costs for cloud telephony or voip.