GoDial: Power Up Your Political Campaigns with Automated Calling and Real-Time Insights

All with GoDial

Reach More Voters, Gather Valuable Feedback, and Craft Winning Strategies

GoDial is a revolutionary all-in-one autodialer and CRM software designed to empower political survey agencies and campaigns. Run more effective outreach efforts, gather real-time voter sentiment, and gain the insights you need to develop winning strategies – all within a secure and user-friendly platform.

Streamlined Calling and Feedback Collection

Import your calling lists and assign them to your telecallers directly on their smartphones.

Strengthen relationships with voters by automatically sending personalized thank-you messages via WhatsApp after each call.

Eliminate manual dialing with our autodialer feature. Telecallers can focus on conversations, not keypads.

Design and deploy surveys directly within GoDial.

Capture voter feedback with ease using our customizable feedback (disposition) dropdown menus.

Telecallers can capture survey responses in real-time during calls.

Unmatched Security and Scalability

Your data is safeguarded with the industry-leading security of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Enjoy complete peace of mind with secure communication channels that protect all your data.

GoDial seamlessly adapts to your campaign's needs, accommodating large teams and extensive voter lists.

GoDial is a Automatic Call App,Mobile CRM and Outbound Dialer Software for Mobile Telecalling and Outbound Calling Service. Setup your outbound call center in less than 2 mins with GoDial. GoDial uses phone's SIM for dialing, hence no costs for cloud telephony or voip.