Frequently Asked Question

Companies already on board with Godial.

GoDial is being used by 1000+ companies, 10000+ individuals worldwide. Everyday GoDial handles close to 1M calls

Does Godial allow SIM-based calling?

Yes! GoDial lets you make unlimited sim based calls. This makes setting up a call center very affordable and simple. GoDial will use your team's smartphones to make the calls, while you can use the dashboard to monitor the performance.

Does GoDial possess IVR, Call Recording and Number masking?

No GoDial is a mobile based Dialer, hence it utilizes your phone to make outgoing calls. It cannot record calls yet due to Android/iOS restrictions but our team is working on an alternative. IVR is not applicable for GoDial since its an outbound progressive auto dialer based on phone. Outbound number will be same as your sim card.

The maximum number of contacts Godial can store?

GoDial is truely unlimited.

Does GoDial provide a centralized outgoing number?

Calls are placed from your phone, it will utilize the same number as your SIM or calling app

Does GoDial allow task managment and task reminders?

Yes and Yes. You can create tasks and setup reminders like callbacks.

Does GoDial allow automatic call distribution?

Yes GoDial automatically distributes calls to the next agent. When you assign multiple agents to a list, GoDial will automatically assign him the next available customer

Can you integrate your CRM with my CRM?

Yes, we have APIs available for you to integrate. We have webhook support for pushing events outside of our CRM. We also have zapier support.

Is your Data secured with GoDial?

Yes, GoDial is securely hosted via AWS servers in Europe, US and India. HTTPS SSL encryption provides an extra layer of security. Data is backed up every day and stored securely.

File formats that Godial reads?

XLSX and CSV. Just drop any spreadsheet and GoDial will automatically detect your file structure and format, no specific template needed.

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