Control the speed at which calls are placed

Import Lists

Import contacts from a spreadsheet or your phonebook


After each call set a status, for Ex- INTERESTED, CALLBACK, NO ANSWER,etc

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Mark numbers as Do Not Disturb. Be compliant with calling laws

Schedule Callbacks

Never forget a callback, set a reminder after the call and let GoDial remind you

Rechurn Calls

Recycle old contacts like Busy, No Answer or Answering Machines to NEW and call them again

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Track Call-based Results

Set up call lists and start managing your CRM within minutes. Easily visualise your CRM and boost productivity


Create tasks, add reminders for tasks and see pending tasks with GoDial’s inbuilt Task Manager.

Import / Export

Import and Export multiple large calling lists. GoDial supports CSV and Excel files.


See detailed reports on Calls placed, Disposition status, notes and other histories. Export any report you want.

Payment Tracking

Add payment history, check outstanding and more.


Send bulk template messages to your contact list without saving them on your phone

Multi Platform

Supports Email, SMS and other Social Messaging Platforms

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Dynamic Templates

Create dynamic content for template messages with our template designer. Use variables like Contact’s name or company for a more personal message

After Call

Leave a dynamic message after every call, so that your contact can get back to you easily

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Be A Sales Ninja!
Supercharge your calling and boost sales with inbuilt CRM

⦿ Bulk Upload Contacts

⦿ Infinite Call Lists

⦿ Create Call Notes and Follow Up Actions

⦿ Set Up Automatic Message Templates

⦿ ReChurn Call Lists in 1 Click

⦿ Send SMS,WhatsApp and Emails

⦿ Schedule Follow Up Calls

⦿ Payment Tracking

⦿ Task Tracking

Get Your Team On GoDial

⦿ No Hardware ⦿ Instant Setup ⦿ Free Trial

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