Getting Started with Whatsapp Business API

Here is a detailed guide and checklist to get your business live on Whatsapp API

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You need to have an active phone number which is not registered on WhatsApp

You need to verify your Facebook Business Manager Account with Meta to get full access to Whatsapp Business API

You need to have your own working website. Without a website, Meta will not give access to Whatsapp Business API.


My Number Is Already Registered On Whatsapp Business App
If your number is already registered on WhatsApp Business App, you will need to remove it first from there. Click here to to remove your number from WhatsApp
My Number Was Previously Linked To Another CRM Or Software
If your number was previously linked to another CRM or Software, you will need to deregister or remove it from there, and then remove it from WhatsApp and then register it with it again on GoDial.
I Don't Have A Website
One of the prerequisites set by Facebook to apply for Official Business WhatsApp API, is a valid running website. You can contact us if you want to develop a website.
My Number Is Blocked
If your number is blocked, you can try to re-register on WhatsApp with the blocked number. You can also submit your Whatsapp account for review. You may have to wait 30 days to get it back. We would suggest you to use a different number in such a case and apply for Official WhatsApp Business API.
My Number Is Linked To Another Business Manager Account
If your number is linked to another business manager account, you will have to remove it from there first. Click here to remove your number from the business manager account.

Connecting To GoDial

Let’s Get Started

Step 1
Go to the GoDial homepage and click on the "Start Free Trial." To sign up, you'll need a valid email address. We recommend using the same email address associated with your Facebook account for convenience.
Sign Up on GoDial
Step 2

Click on the Whatsapp Tab on the left hand panel, here you can click on any of the options, we have selected the Inbox tab, here click on Connect Facebook Business button.

For WhatsApp Business API access, you'll need two things

  • Admin rights to your Facebook Business Manager for complete account control.
  • A verified Facebook Business Manager account (recommended). Verification unlocks all features and can be done during the API application process or later.
Connect Facebook Business
Step 3
Now we will connect to your meta whatsapp business account, if you don’t already have one this wizard will create one for you too.
Click on the Get Started Button.
Step 4

Select your business portfolio and click next here choose your Whatsapp Business Account and Create a new Whatsapp Business Profile and click next, If you already have a profile choose that.

In case your number was already connected you need to delete that.

Build Your Profile
Step 5

That's awesome! You just aced your WhatsApp Business API application!

This brings you a step closer to supercharging your business growth with GoDial. Great news - most approvals are super fast, happening within 10 minutes! The only wait might be for your Display Name, which can take up to 3-4 hours to get the green light.

Almost there...
Step 6

Choose the whatsapp business number and then choose your default whatsapp list, and click Submit. We will add all new leads from WhatsApp in this list.

You will now be able to send and receive messages on this number in your inbox. Use the inbox To send new messages or reply to customers.

One last Step
Step 7
Go Ahead and check all the other features, you now have the power of WhatsApp business API in your palms, set templates, do broadcasts and check reports. Embrace the power of a shared inbox and the awesome GoDial App.
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