I always have been intrigued by the power of communication. The right set of words spoken can get you to the right places and get things done there. Coming from a sales background where I needed to make around 100 calls every day. Where each call could be a potential sale, which would mean more incentives.

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success”Paul J. Meyer 

The biggest problem I faced while making those calls, besides a sore throat was the amount of time required in typing numbers from a sheet of paper. Not only did it strain the eyes, but the chances of dialing a wrong number also increased. I once made a call to my manager by mistake, by typing the last digit wrong. The wrath of my manager was felt in the meeting the next day, and to be honest it did not seem to be a small mistake to him.

“Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.”- William Ellery Channing

In my limited days of being a salesman, I always thought what if the numbers started dialing themselves, what if there was an application on the phone that would do the job, dial the right set of numbers correctly. After all, to err is human, to depend on an app is being a smart human.

Unfortunately, I did not know about autodialers at that time. Now that brings us to the all-important question, “What on earth is an auto dialer?”

As the name suggests, it’s a dialer that works automatically, and believe me, this is one piece of technology that holds the potential of making life so very easy. History says it was developed years ago and is used in various sectors. But those autodialers, where industry-specific and meant more for businesses than individuals.

With the advent of technology and smartphones becoming the alpha of devices, an auto caller in the form of an app is needed more than ever. I can go on stressing about its importance. But that would only eat up your time, which you can otherwise use for making a few more calls and improving your sales figures.

The Law of Win/Win says, ‘Let’s not do it your way or my way; let’s do it the best way’.”Greg Anderson

Talking of the all-important need, what is the need exactly? Let me be more specific. I want something that would feed on the numbers from an excel sheet. I will then simply tap on the list I want to dial, on a certain day, and without taking a second, it would start dialing diligently the numbers from the list one after the other. But wait, that is not sufficient for me. There is no end to a man’s desire, is it? Well, I want more out of my autodialer and auto caller.

Now if you are like me who has to dial-up 100-150 numbers every day, merely dialing up and putting forward your sales pitch is not enough. You have to store the feedback. And storing feedback is a strenuous task. So my auto dialer has to store feedback too. I may sound greedy, but that’s what technology is for.

Hold on, even that is not enough, the application has to be small and work on my smartphone. You cannot move with your laptop or tablet. And you cannot simply just sit and make calls the entire day, you have to close deals too. And for that, you have to travel. And just because you are traveling, you should not be just sitting, you can make calls while traveling. And for that, it has to run faster than Usain Bolt on my smartphone.

Well, to my shock there is indeed an application that caters to my personalized needs. GoDial‘s mobile app does all and a lot more than I ask for. It autodials, auto calls, stores feedback, reminders callbacks, has a CRM and more, all on your smartphone.

Your very own Call Center, GoDial

Now to answer the question I asked right at the beginning, that are autodialers the next big thing? Well they are, in a world where competition is cut-throat, and everyone has something to sell, but they do not know how to, autodialers can very well become the go-to software and maybe the most important software for individuals whose jobs require them to call a lot. Autodialers will not only save time and increase productivity, it will make the arduous task of calling simple and easy. And in a world where you are already laced with problems, a big help at work is all you need to take on this ruthless world and succeed.

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