Becoming an attractive employer can be difficult these days. Since employees’ requirements are higher, attracting and retaining qualified talent has become a challenge. Today, organizations are making exceptional job offers to attract the attention of candidates. However, the need for new strategies will continue to increase as tech professionals are no longer convinced with just a good salary.

If you’re trying to improve your employee attraction and retention strategies, here’s a guide that will help you accomplish just that. As you’ll know what to do, attracting top tech workers will no longer be a hurdle.

Allow Your Workers to Use Their Strengths

Have you ever wonder how your workers feel when they can’t use their best skills? To make your employees happy, you should allow them to use their strengths. When tech professionals use their best skills, they provide the best result and help your company remain competitive. But, if they can’t use their skills, they feel frustrated.

If you’re looking to enhance your employee retention strategies, you need to make them feel comfortable. Don’t assign tasks that are not beneficial for them. For example, imagine a software engineer working as a receptionist. They can get the job done, but, as they can’t use their coding skills, they might lose motivation.

Make Them Feel Unique

To become an eye-catching employer, making your workers feel special is important. Reward the right behavior and let tech professionals know when they have surpassed your expectations. As they’ll feel valued, they will stay motivated and will work harder every day. You can also recognize their efforts in public or provide feedback. This will keep them happy.

If you are willing to go the extra mile, you can be more personal. Ask tech professionals for dinner or invite them to your house. As they will feel their job is meaningful, they won’t leave your company. Also, when tech employees feel comfortable, they tell others how great working for your company is, which will make attracting the right talent much easier.

Promote Work-Life Balance

Since tech professionals look for jobs that can improve their well-being, promoting work-life balance has become vital. Nowadays, a front end developer’s salary is $109,276 per year, according to Indeed. But, they won’t join your team unless they have work-life balance.

Most Americans work over 40 hours per week. And as overwork can have adverse effects on their health, you should allow them to relax. Provide on-site benefits like gym classes. As employees can get distracted, you can keep them happy and motivated. Don’t forget that exhausted workers can’t stay focused and will provide poor results.

Increase Your Perks

Having lifestyle-changing benefits has become a need for tech professionals these days. So, if you want to attract them, you have to increase your perks. World-class companies like Nintendo and Netflix provide workers with perks like parental leave, family leave, and paid vacations.

Increasing your perks allows you to build your brand. As every tech candidate would love to work with you, there’d be no barriers to stay ahead of the competition. Tech professionals know they are in-demand—if you want to catch their attention, you have to give them what they want.

Provide a Good Work Environment

One of the best options to attract and retain top tech professionals is providing a good work environment. When employees feel comfortable at work, they love the time they spend there. Allow your workers to be themselves. Let them feel inspired and share good vibes. When they keep a positive mindset, they’ll find solutions instead of problems.

Motivated workers also add value to your company and allow you to stay relevant. As they’ll work harder to accomplish the company’s goals, moving in the right direction to success will be possible. On the other hand, if they feel uncomfortable and frustrated, your company can fall behind.

Provide Learning Opportunities

Most tech employees look for learning opportunities in order to be ready for future challenges. If you’re willing to convince top tech professionals, you have to let them develop their tech skills. Build relationships with coding schools. They provide candidates with in-demand programming tools that will help your company stay in the competition.

Another great way to help new hiring learn is by promoting teamwork. Tech professionals often work in groups during projects to meet deadlines and provide the best results. As new hiring can learn from experienced professionals, their motivation will increase.

Promote Schedule Flexibility

Flexible schedules have proven to increase companies’ productivity as well as reduce costs. To attract top tech professionals, you must provide them with schedule flexibility. As it allows them to spend extra time with their loved ones, their job satisfaction will increase.

In 2020, more companies are allowing employees to work from home. And as a result, their employee retention rates have risen. Keep in mind that remote work is becoming the new standard, and it’s vital to meet the needs of top talent.

Involve Your Tech Team in the Hiring Process

Involving your tech team in the hiring process is an excellent way to improve your employee attraction strategies. To convince top tech professionals, you have to speak their language. Can you think of a better way of attracting top talent than by letting tech workers do interviews?

Tech employees know what it takes to do the job. And as they can speak tech, they will make potential hirings feel comfortable. As candidates can showcase their actual skills, your tech team will make the right decision during the hiring process.

Letting your tech team do interviews increases candidates’ trust. Consequently, convincing candidates to join your company will be much easier.

Use Digital Platforms to Approach Potential Hiring

As days pass, digital platforms are becoming more popular among tech professionals. Using platforms like LinkedIn is an excellent way to approach potential hiring. As you can review candidates’ profiles, finding the right match will be less time-consuming.

These days, many companies use LinkedIn to find qualified employees. Given that, changing the way you approach tech professionals can help you to attract their attention.


Becoming an attractive employer requires time and hard work. But, if you follow this guide, I can guarantee you’ll have no regrets. As your company will be a place where everyone would love to work, reshaping the market will be no challenge.

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