How Stock Brokers Can Use GoDial to Increase Productivity

Whenever we hear the word stock markets, we think of only one thing and that is a bag full of cash. Unfortunately, the movies and general notions have led us to believe that it is a very easy and lucrative career to have. Lucrative yes, but easy a definite no. For stock markets depends on a lot of things for results. Stockbrokers have to study, analyze, and make constructive decisions to make profits.

But studying, analyzing, and deciding comes later. First, he/she has to connect to clients, and for that calling has to be done. A stockbroker has to make calls when the market is open and when the market is closed. Being connected with clients becomes important when you are handling someone else’s money.

But dialing one number after the other is no walk in the park. It may sound easy, as all one needs to do is dial a number and make a call. It isn’t, it may be when you are making 5 calls, but when you have to make over 150-200 calls in a day and keep track of them. It is no less than climbing Mount Everest that too without an oxygen tank. When I came across GoDial at the beginning of the year, I realized that this software can make life easy for stockbrokers a lot.

GoDial with its features of auto-dialing, it’s inbuilt mobile CRM can solve a lot of problems for stockbrokers.

Let us see if GoDial has the solution to the problems stockbrokers face regularly.

Problem 1.

A stockbroker has to dial over 100-150 numbers when the market is open, and that is just a few hours. So he has to be fast with his typing of numbers. A single mistake in typing will not lead to a wrong call, but minutes wasted.


GoDial being an auto dialing app, has a function that can place calls automatically one after the other. All a stockbroker needs to do is to upload the spreadsheet into the app and with a click, the app will start dialing the numbers one after the other. Reducing the percentage of mistakes in typing to zero and increasing speed enormously, leading to more calls made.

Problem 2.

When the market is open, a stockbroker feels more pressure than a chicken leg inside a pressure cooker. Times like those make it difficult for him/her to remember what each client said on the phone. Yes noting it down on a piece of paper might seem like a good idea, but that not only wastes time but the chances of losing that sheet of paper is really high.


GoDial lets its users store feedback instantly and sets up reminders for them for a callback later. This particular feature according to me will be of most help to people who are working in high-pressure situations like stockbrokers to never overlook a prospective client by mistake.

Problem 3.

Stock markets do allow one to rise and be successful, but like all, everyone starts small. And keeping track of a client on a laptop (considering everyone can afford a laptop, which is unlikely) is not easy, once again it takes a lot of time and extra work, time which a stockbroker can use for other things. A CRM department is a solution, but it is costly and not possible for everyone to have it in the early stages of their career. Even for the ones who are settled, it becomes a hassle being connected with the department and not being brutal, human beings do make mistakes, and a mistake can cost a lot when it occurs in a stock market.


GoDial happens to have an inbuilt mobile CRM, that not only fits but works seamlessly on your smartphone. It also comes free with the normal subscription for the autodialer. The in-built CRM does all a normal CRM would do but at a much lesser cost. In today’s time, everyone happens to have a smartphone, GoDial makes that very smartphone into a fully functional software making sure a stockbroker never loses contact with his client.

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