Increase sales with an Auto Call App

Usually, the any company/person involved in sales would create an excel sheet with customer data and hand it over to the team. Once a sales person receives a sheet, he will pick up one number, type it in his phone and make a call. After the call, he may write down any response / note or a callback date or any other response. The customer may also ask for a message with more details, in this case he types a message and shares it manually.

The next day he will look back at the previous days excel and scan for callbacks, no answers or not connected once and redial.

  1. Caller can forget / find it difficult callback set at a later date
  2. Caller can forget / find it difficult to capture response
  3. Caller may forget / find it difficult to leave a message
  4. Time consuming and tedious
  5. No way for the manager to get real time report, change to another call list or track progress

Do you see the pitfalls here?

What if I told you there was a solution?

Yes, this is where an Auto Call app or Mobile based Auto Dialer software comes in handy.

An auto call or auto dial app automatically calls numbers from your phone without you having to type in the numbers manually. It makes calling faster and easier.

And it can also store the response of the customer for later.

Plus, it can remind you of callbacks.

And if you want, it can even automatically drop a message after the call.

And the app has an ability to import contacts from your phone or from an excel sheet you can upload.

Not only this but it can make the life of the manager much easier, he can access realtime reports and see progress of his team, he can change call lists and much more via the CRM.

In short, the more you call with an Auto Call app (, the more you will sell.

A great example of such an app is GoDial.

So if you are looking to increase sales, then definitely consider using an Auto Call app. It will make your life easier and help you close more deals.

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