Customer Relationship Management, three of the most important words in a business. It does not matter how much you sell, and how much you profit, it all boils down to continuity. And the success of a business depends on it making profits every month. This is where the relationship with the customers becomes oh so important.

“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.”Peter Drucker

Now you can spend millions on research and development, advertising, marketing, etc. But nothing beats positive words from the mouth of your loyal customers and their constructive criticism of your products. To put it simply, your customers hold the fate of your business.

To quote my favorite fictional lawyer Harvey Spectar, “Loyalty is a two-way street”. And to make your customers loyal, you have to be loyal to them. And this is where Customer Relationship Management steps in.

Harvey Specter from Suits

In the 21st century, the dependence of businesses on the CRM department has grown by leaps and bounds. Every major organization spends a substantial amount in setting up and maintaining the CRM department.

Take up any multinational corporation, and you will be shocked to know the manpower they devote to improving their relationship with the customers. The world is getting small, everyone is trying to sell. Honestly speaking, a new business is rising every time you blink, unfortunately, the buyers are reducing in numbers. For a business to work, CRM is important.

But for a startup, devoting funds to developing relations with customers is not easy. And not only startups, even for settled businesses spending hefty sums in maintaining the department can be tricky in these trying times, where the experts have put the writing on the wall. And the writing is rather scary as it says “It will all come down to the survival of the fittest.”

With property prices increasing every time you inhale oxygen, a need for mobile CRM is more than ever. But wait, is not something that requires manpower and infrastructure, be carried out on a device, that too a cellphone,  a fantasy?

GoDial Auto Dialer and CRM app

Believe me, GoDial has made this fantasy into reality with its inbuilt CRM. Yes, the entire CRM department on your phone is now a possibility. And this feature comes free with its subscription. So unlike setting up an entire department to keep track of your customers, you get to do it for free, that too with your smartphone. The good days are indeed here, finally, we can say.

“You don’t close a sale, you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise.”Patricia Fripp

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