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CRM, or customer relationship management, is a business strategy employed to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

But gone are the days when companies had to spend on costly hardware and unnecessary manpower to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Advancement in technology has managed to find a solution to the complicated problem of maintaining a Customer relationship management department for businesses.

Over the years, Mobile CRMs have succeeded in providing not only a simple but cheap alternative to conventional CRMs but an advanced tool that allows you to do much more than before.

A mobile CRM system helps to facilitate this by providing easy access to customer data and features that allow for engagement with customers on the go, without having to spend on hardware at all.

There are countless benefits of using a mobile CRM system, including the ability to:

  1. Connect more than before – With the autodialer you can smoothly call large call lists, as you do not have to type numbers manually every time before calling. Once the excel file containing the contacts are imported into CRM, all you have to do is click the start button and talk to your clients. The auto dialer will not only save time, but also increase accuracy as it will rule out all possibilities of dialing wrong numbers.
  2. Be a master manager – A mobile CRM helps you to manage all your leads on the move. Set up reminders, schedule callbacks, send messages after every call and much more with the fully functional CRM. All you have to do is after every call, choose a disposition (feedback) from a dropdown of options.  will then automatically give you reports of every call. Aiding you with the knowledge of everything happening in the calls placed by you and your agents.
  3. Always stay in touch – Thanks to the highly equipped CRM of Mobile CRMs, you will no longer miss out on follow ups or be unaware of the stage of your contacts. It not only schedules follow ups, it also moves contacts from one stage to another based on dispositions. The information of knowing which stage they are in will help you in knowing the buying behavior of your customers.
  4. Work from Anywhere – Unlike other softwares, everything in a Mobile CRM software, from autodialing to managing leads, happens through the mobile app. You just need to download the app into your smartphone to start working. Your very smartphone becomes a fully workable office with a superior CRM department. This equips you to completely work remotely without worrying about anything else.
  5. Boost your revenue – This obviously is a no-brainer. Since you are connecting more with clients over calls, managing your customers beautifully and always staying in touch with them. You are improving your service, this directly will result in not only selling your products and services more, but also help you in building a stronger relationship with your customers. These strong relationships will help in reducing the churn rate into zero, guaranteeing an upward curve for your business.

In the world of Mobile CRMs, GoDial stands out for the following reasons

  • You can make more than 150 calls with just a command. The hassle of typing numbers for every call is a thing of the past. Godial has successfully automated the entire process, which not only saves time but improves productivity.
  • It has the capability of storing feedback, generating a list based on those feedbacks for following up later.
  • It also possesses an in-built CRM, which does everything a CRM department does from a simple smartphone, saving on manpower and infrastructure required for the department. With the feature of messaging, it takes care of your messaging needs too.

With Godial you can easily –

1. Turn any phone into a call center like auto dialer and CRM.

2. No hardware, No Setup cost, No VOIP, No call charges, simply start off using your phones.  Instant setup and do it yourself platform for any business that makes phone calls.

3. Send messages or WhatsApp after every call, make voice notes, set callback reminders.

4. Perfect for work from home, a central dashboard to see the team progress, manage contacts, team, and reports.

Mobile CRM systems offer many benefits that can help you improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. If you’re not already using a mobile CRM system, consider implementing one to help take your business to the next level.

Innovation is the stepping stone to success. History has been a witness to businesses skyrocketing their profits by embracing new innovative technologies.

From Henry Ford maximizing inventory and reducing costs by building the Model T on an assembly line to Steve Jobs improving on the touch-screen technology of smartphones, innovation and embracing technology has brought success to businesses like nothing else.

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