The prescription to sell and earn more.

The past centuries belonged to the men who were good with weapons and politics. This century belongs to the people (and not just men, anymore) who can create and sell. The world bows to the individuals who have mastered the art of selling. Gone are the days where the kings, the knights and, the ministers called the shots.
So it becomes of utmost importance to master the coveted art of selling. Unfortunately, no degree provides adequate knowledge for graduation in selling.
Selling over the years has been mostly methods adapted by individuals, chosen by hit and trial.
Now in the age where everything is fast becoming digital, and there are websites and apps for every problem. We thought we would save a few minutes for the folks who are out there to conquer the world and weaponize them with 5 tools that will boost the sales for their organizations.
So let’s get started…

You Can Book Me

Business is about people, and it is of paramount importance that sellers and customers meet and discuss. But in today’s fast-paced world scheduling meetings can be tough. This is where ‘You can book me’ comes in.
It not only connects with the calendar and schedules meetings with customers, provides reminders and notifications, and even goes all the way to create meetings on Zoom and integrates with Zapier to use the data for other services.
With pricing at $10 per calendar and a 14-day free trial, this ought to solve those scheduling problems we face.


In a world where on average there are 1000 individuals doing the same task and probably trying to sell similar products, a signature style and effort helps in setting them apart from their competition.
And this is where mysignature steps in. It creates personalised email signatures to make those emails sent, look not only compelling but professional too.
Priced at $5 per month for a single user, it definitely is a must-have to look premium, and customers love premium treatment no matter what the product is.


Gone are the days when selling was all about being a good conversationalist, now one needs to look appealing and that is where graphic designing plays an important role. The approach has to look stunningly convincing to compel buyers. And with this tool at one’s disposal, all it takes is a bit of creativity, and voila the presentation is made that is sure to leave a mark on the buyers.
With a free version that allows more than one individual to work on a project, it definitely will go a long way to improve your chances at closing deals more.


In the words of Ratan Tata, “If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to work far, walk together”. And teamwork is what gets tough tasks accomplished. But to keep a team together can be the toughest task in itself. And that is where Trello comes in with its host of features to keep the team together and extract maximum productivity.
With business-class prices starting from $9.99 per month, Trello acts as the superglue needed to keep the team together.


Now this here is a personal favorite, cause it solves a simple yet a very tedious problem faced by all. Selling is all about connecting, and for connecting you need to make a call. The more calls you make the better are your chances of success. But that no matter how simple it may sound, speaking from personal experience making 100 calls in a day is a hustle few understand. And automation can easily solve that problem, and GoDial just does that.
It imports the contacts and gets on with the arduous task.
The best part of this is it works in the smallest of devices, for example, a smartphone. And it believes in teamwork too. For the leaders, it allows you to see the time spent on every call and all this is done in a hassle-free manner.
With an in-built CRM, this is the must-have if you want to boost sales of your organization. And all this comes at Rs. 280 per month. That is less than a KFC zinger burger.

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