Family, the code Vito Corleone, and Dominic Toretto live by. And that’s the code we at GoDial live by too. We don’t have bosses and employees. We have family members. So without wasting any more words, let me introduce you to the GoDial family.

GoDial Family. From Top Left: Safallya Sarkar, Trijit Dey, Kaustav Das, Deblina Bannerjee, Avijit Sarkar, Varsha Chakraborty, MD Ateequr Rahman, Siladitya Roy, Rupam Roy

Let’s start with our father, Avijit Sarkar. He is the one who conceived the idea of an autodialer, auto caller, and mobile CRM being put together in one app and usable in something as small as a smartphone. The big daddy of GoDial completed his Bachelor in Technology in Computer Science and later dropped out of his MBA. He is an engineer and management student by education but is an innovator at heart. He loves finding solutions for the biggest problems, leading him to innovate constantly. Now that is indeed an interesting passion. You can think of him as the CEO or managing director or even the chairman, but to us he is like our dad, helping us in overcoming every problem we face at running GoDial smoothly for you.

Avijit Sarkar: Founder of GoDial

An idea without proper execution is futile. And that’s where GoDial is lucky. For he is lucky to have not one but three uncles who are constantly thinking and creating features to make GoDial a seamless experience for you. Here’s our awesome threesome.

Trijit Dey, he completed his MCA in 2013 and has been with GoDial since it was in diapers. GoDial is like a son to him, who he wants to become the best sales tool in the world. Being the passionate Front end developer for GoDial, he strives hard to make it a success. The best part about him is also the worst part, his love for GoDial doesn’t let him sleep, for he lives his dreams with his eyes open.

Safallya Sarkar, he is our youngest uncle, having completed his bachelors in Computer Science in 2018, he took the role of Full-Stack developer like a bee to nectar. His love for GoDial is nothing short of being ‘termed’ crazy. For he prefers devoting his entire time to making GoDial everyone’s go-to tool. A look at him coding on his laptop is a treat similar to watching Beethoven create his symphonies.

Kaustav Das, the third of the “Awesome threesome”, completed his B.Tech in 2016 and initially had plans of becoming an IAS, but his love for technology landed him up at GoDial. He tests every little feature that you love to use to make sure that it doesn’t create problems for you. For he does not like anyone talking ill about Godial, he is extremely proud and will not rest till GoDial is listed in Fortune 500.

Awesome Threesome Squad. From left: Trijit Dey, Safallya Sarkar, Kaustav Das

Enough about our uncles, time to speak of the aunts. Chances are, that you have already spoken to them during the demonstration of GoDial, for they are proud aunts who love to speak about GoDial. The dynamic duo makes sure that the users achieve 100% success in using it.

Varsha Chakraborty and Deblina Bannerjee are the voices of GoDial. The dynamic duo makes sure that you understand everything about GoDial and reap the most out of your investment in it. It would not be wrong to say that GoDial inherits excellent Customer relationship management skills from its aunts.

Dynamic Duo. From Left: Varsha Chakraborty, Deblina Bannerjee

GoDial has not become the raging success for being just another tool for your inconvenience. It possesses the ability to learn and adapt. It is constantly researching and learning new skills to be better than its competitors. A skill it has learned from its two brothers.

Rupam Roy has successfully made GoDial the go-to app with his digital marketing skills. From writing to editing, he is a one-man army. GoDial owes this skill to Rupam.

The other brother, Siladitya Roy, wants to be a CEO of a company someday, he still is struggling with the ‘family atmosphere” of ours, he ends up calling Sir and Mam to everyone. We have not given up on him. He will get used to us someday.

And finally, the last member of our family, MD Ateequr Rahman, is our new sibling. And like all younger siblings, he does all our work. He does it graciously cause he loves pampering us and GoDial.

The New Blood. From Left: Rupam Roy, Siladitya Roy, MD Ateequr Rahman

So that was our little family, we do not have meetings, we have brunches, we do not argue we bicker for we are not colleagues, we are family.

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