GoDial during COVID

Having taken a sigh of relief after the cursed 2020. 2021 again came up with it’s vengeance. The current covid situation is so worse that every household is infected with it. Currently at an average more than 1 lakh people are dying everyday and more than 1.5 lakh new cases are coming up everyday in India. During such a crisis, it’s no way feasible to go and work outside. Many businesses are forced to close their doors during this period.
For business leaders concerned about what the next 2, 4 or even 12 months will bring, driving a steady and consistent stream of sales will be key to survival, but without effective, efficient and streamlined processes in place, this will prove somewhat challenging.
So this is where your CRM friend GoDial can help. GoDial, being used by over 500+ organizations and 10000+ individuals across the world, provides a sorted and centralized system that enables team members to access or input new customer data anytime, anyplace.
Godial can  help you in the following during such a crisis:

  • Access to customer profiles: Any team member can access customer profiles and quickly get up to speed on an account.
  • Remote convenience: While working securely from home, team members can schedule appointments, update statuses, share documents, send personalized emails, and respond to incoming calls.
  • Automation: Repetitive administrative tasks can be automated, enabling team members to focus on higher value tasks such as going above and beyond to support customers during a time of crisis.
  • Simplified collaboration: A consolidated view for task management allows users to quickly assign tasks so multiple team members can collaborate to serve the same customer despite not being in the same building.

Oversight: Dashboards and reports(master and summary) help executives and managers track productivity and day-to-day operations even when employees aren’t in branch offices.

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