The “Automobile Industry” currently is going through a massive change. From changing fuel options to consumers change in approach in buying cars.

Buying a car is no longer about having a transport option. It is now more about having that perfect machine that would not only help in transportation but add to the part of a consumer’s identity.

In these times of change, selling an automobile has become very challenging.

Every brand is trying to build a niche product and updates in older models are happening faster than a pot of instant noodles. Needless to point out, selling a product just on its merit is a thing of the past.

Now the approach has to change, it has to become much more ‘customer-oriented’.

Knowing the needs of your customers and connecting with them on a personal level has never been more important.

And this is where a CRM comes in handy. But with the rising prices of raw materials and stiff competition in every segment, spending on a Customer relationship department is not really a wise move. But it is a necessity.

In such times, a mobile CRM can become a solution that you so very need.

Now the question is how does a mobile CRM help your cause of selling more?

At first, a mobile CRM can help you set ‘service date reminders. So before your client asks, you can remind them about the pending date of their service. This may seem something very simple, but believe me, it goes a long way in creating the perfect relationship with your existing clients. Such relationships not only lead to good references but also develop a relationship of trust.

Second, a mobile CRM can be used to store car models and other important information, which would equip you with the required knowledge to strengthen the relationship. For the more, you know about your client’s product the better advice you can come up with. Which directly leads to him being dependent on you, and you becoming his automobile advisor.

Third, they may say that buying a car is a long-term investment, but with options increasing in every segment and almost all types of cars available at different price points, an automobile is no longer a long-term investment.

People are spoilt for choice, and will sooner or later look for an upgrade. That is where knowing their date of purchase can come in handy.

The moment the purchase date has crossed 3 years, all you have to do is give them a call and plant the idea of an upgrade and educate them about the better upcoming models.

A mobile CRM can be set according to the purchase date, which would automatically remind you, that it’s time to plant the idea of an upgrade in your customers’ minds.

And finally, with the in-built autodialer in your mobile CRM, you can dial up your prospective clients and pass on the information of your products. The autodialer will not only save time. But it will also make your pitch stronger and more aggressive, for you now no longer have to waste your energy in typing numbers.

GoDial happens to be that mobile CRM with a built-in autodialer that requires only to be installed on your smartphone.

The rest, it does it by itself giving you the required assistance to not only sell more but develop such a relationship with your clients.

Whenever it comes to buying a car, they will remember you.

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