GoDial scores a “Gol de Placa”

Kolkata, the city of Joy and GoDial’s birthplace. Shares a special relationship with Brazil, every year during the Football world cup the city is painted in yellow and blue. And the Brazilian flag flies proudly in every house.

Image by David Peterson from Pixabay

We at GoDial always knew that GoDial is fated to be the best in the world. But never did we know that it would happen so soon, Perhaps we had misjudged the popularity and the efficiency of the autodialer, auto caller, and mobile CRM.

A few days back, while surfing the net we came across a tutorial of GoDial from Brazil. We were shocked to find out that the citizens of both places share a love for something else other than Pele, Ronaldhino, and Neymar.

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We read that love has no language, we thought we witnessed it today. But we just cannot be satisfied with falling in love, we need to get together and share our love for GoDial. So please whoever made this contact us, we are desperately looking for you. After all, GoDial believes in “Ordem e Progresso”

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