How Recruiters Can Contact Job Seekers Using GoDial?

GoDial has been the go-to on for individuals and organizations that require an autodialer. An application that would reduce the time taken in dialing numbers one by one. It also stores the feedback got and sets a reminder for the future, thanks to its inbuilt CRM.

All these qualities have made it the favorite application of salespersons and telecallers. But GoDial is not only for them. Yes, its attributes do suit their needs. But it can work for all those who have to make calls in bulk.

One such group is the recruiters. Now if you are a recruiter GoDial can be your go-to too. Now you must be thinking, what can an auto dialer and a mobile CRM do for you? Your job comprises contacting potential candidates and setting up meetings. Well, the very attributes that make Go-dial a raging success will assist you in your work and help you increase your productivity.

Alright now, that’s enough theory you have read. Let’s give you a practical session.

Ron is a recruiter for his company XYZ Manpower Consultancy, he has been given the task of recruiting candidates for a newly established BPO, let us call it ABC. ABC requires a workforce of 70 telecallers. XYZ has a list of 7000 candidates suited for their profile. Ron has to set 140 interviews for the BPO after contacting all 7000 candidates, taking the preliminary interview, and shortlisting them. His superiors have given him a deadline of 21 days.

The numbers are staggering and have the potential of raising the blood pressure of an individual due to stress and hypertension. Now we do not want Ron to lose his sleep and hair (studies have proved stress leads to hair fall). So we would make Ron go through two scenarios. One where he uses GoDial and one where he does not.

First, where he does not use,

Ron has been handed over the list, and he has to get the job done. Things assisting him are a pen, his PC, his phone, and a notepad. He starts dialing in the morning and barely crosses the number 70 by the end of the day.

The reason for such a low number is, him having to type in the feedback and filtering through the data. Let us do the math now, he dials 70 numbers on the first day where he did not have any follow-ups. So that’s the highest he can dial.

So 70 x 21 = 1470. That’s 21% of the numbers dialed and contacted. Forget about achieving the target, Ron is in the thickest soup possible. Now math only says about the numbers dialed, the chance of finding potential candidates out of this is almost zero. If you add the follow-ups the numbers will come down to 1200. Bringing the percentage down to 17%.

I do not know about you, but the numbers scare me more than the demon Valak from The Conjuring 2.

Now, let GoDial assist Ron.

Thanks to the autodialer feature of GoDial, all Ron needs to do is feed the spreadsheet containing the numbers into the application. All he needs to do is sip on his coffee and command GoDial to start dialing. The autodialer will dial one number after another, store the feedback given by Ron on the candidates, and prepare a list for a follow-up

Let us again do the math. Due to the amount of time being saved in dialing and typing feedback and preparing follow-up lists, Ron will be able to contact more candidates. He can easily make over 400 calls a day. For he now is only talking, and because he does not have to worry about preparing lists, he can now focus on the initial screening of the candidates. Which not only is increasing his productivity but is improving his quality of work.

Here goes the math,

400 x 21 = 8400. That’s 1400 more than the target, so he is not only finishing his work earlier and better, he can take on the next assignment. Improving his chances of a promotion in the process.

You can be Ron with the help of GoDial. For it can be used by one and all. Hence, GoDial can be used by Recruiters to contact the job seekers to get them the desired candidates.

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