The world is getting busier. People are always lacking in time. And in a world where everyone has something or the other to do always, connecting to them and putting forward your idea has become very difficult. Everyone around you is trying to master the art of ‘multitasking’, now multitasking without a doubt is not only a time saver and allows you to do more than one task at a given point of time. But at the same time, it does not allow the brain to store information that is not considered important at that time.

The use of reminders has increased a lot in the last decade. Almost everyone has a ‘reminder’ set on their phone to remind them of important tasks.

Let us say, on a bright Monday morning, you call up a client to share your idea about your product, you make the best of the pitches, believe me when I say, the chances of your client remembering that is a decimal percentage more. Now it’s not because you didn’t explain well, you did your best. But let us take a moment to understand his situation on that fateful Monday morning. He probably just got out of a grueling meeting with his boss. At the back of his mind, is a list of grocery items given by his family. His phone is buzzing with reminders of EMIs he has to pay. And other telecallers waiting in line to share their ideas. Forget about him remembering you, the fact that he picked your call up and listened to you is something you should consider nothing short of a miracle.

Now, truth be told, it is your job to make him remember you. You have already worked on the pitch and you delivered it. But how to make him remember you?

Well, I come bearing gifts, I have a simple solution to a problem which looks so very complicated. Now I spoke about reminders becoming an important part of our life. That does state one thing, and that is people responding to written words more than spoken words in today’s world.

So all you have to do is leave a message right after you end the call. Now, this has multiple benefits. And I will put it in points, to make it easier for you to remember. In the words of my history teacher, “Points are easier to learn than paragraphs, that is why write your answers in points.”

Let’s start then and make my hisory teacher proud along the way. :-

A.  The message will stay on his phone, and he will come across it sooner or later.

B.  If he liked your pitch, it will stay as a reminder.

C.  The message will become his book of information about your product, for your spoken words will be forgotten.

D.  It will go on to prove your genuineness to him, as you have walked that extra mile to share your idea.

So there it is, to succeed in cracking that deal, fine-tuning your pitch is not going to be enough. A message after every call will do more than you can imagine and increase the number of deals closed.

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