Often we may be calling using apps like FaceTime, Viber,Line, or we maybe using VOIP SIP clients for international calling like Zoiper or 2nd Line.

GoDial easily lets you start the call via these apps instead of the phone’s SIM card.

How To Change Default Dialer?

Step1> Log In To Your Application
Step2> Click On Settings

Step3> Choose Default Dialer

Step4> Select Your Desired Dialer, Ensure you have it installed and configured

Now calls will be placed using the selected app instead of your SIM card. 😀

*Note : Google Voice is currently not supported, you can set Google voice as your default dialer from the settings of Google Voice and then calls placed from GoDial will get placed via Google Voice.

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GoDial is a Automatic Call App,Mobile CRM and Outbound Dialer Software for Mobile Telecalling and Outbound Calling Service. Setup your outbound call center in less than 2 mins with GoDial. GoDial uses phone's SIM for dialing, hence no costs for cloud telephony or voip.