A guide on how you can capture leads directly from your website into your GoDial CRM

In the age of Digital marketing, we mostly follow the same marketing funnel, which is as follows

  1. Customer sees ads on Google, Facebook, etc and visits your website
  2. Reads the content and submits a lead generation form
  3. This form sends the data to your database
  4. You sales team downloads the database into an excel and calls the prospect and tries to convert it into a sale

With GoDial, we looked at this funnel and thought why not optimize Step 3 and 4 and that is what we did.

If your already a GoDial user, you probably know the power of our Auto dialer. Put your leads in a list in GoDial and assign it to your team, who then uses the GoDial app to start Auto dialing these customers. You can track each lead and their outcome. Primarily GoDial improves calling speed and contact ration, helps them with follow ups, sends a message after the call and all this just using smartphones.

Coming back to the problem at hand, on how to capture leads directly from your website into a list in GoDial, use our free Web Form Integration feature.

How to integrate Web Forms?

Step 1: Head over to the integrations tab on your web dashboard  and click Web Forms

Step 2: Now let’s create our form. First choose the list where you want to receive the leads, then enter a title and subtitle for the form. Choose the fields you want to collect.

Web Form Integration in GoDial

Step 3 : Now, scroll down and you will see the embed code has been generated for you to just copy and paste into your website. Simply copy paste the HTML in the position on your website where you want to place the form ( A little tech knowledge may be needed ) and paste the CSS code anywhere on the header of the page.

Embed Code in GoDial Web Form Integration

Step 5 : That’s all! Your website should now show a form and the leads captured should land on your selected list.

Note : This HTML form can be used in WordPress / Wix / Shopify etc via a HTML snippet plugin or any editor that allows HTML

You can always send this form to your tech team so that they can easily put this on your website. We can also assist you incase you have any doubts, reach out to us at [email protected] for more info on this.

We hope now you can improve and optimize your Sale funnel with GoDial Web Forms Integration.

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