There is a ‘Musk’, a ‘Jobs’ and a ‘Gates’ inside us. We all have innovative ideas that can change the world. We all can create, we too can build the next Tesla, the next Microsoft, and Apple. But what are we doing instead, we are stuck in a 9 to 5 job, sipping on the coffee served to us, and waiting for our salary to pay off the EMI and the bills!

But wait, you were not made for that, none of us were. This is not the era of slavery; we are way past that. This is the time to create, innovate, build, and be better.

You must be thinking, here’s another Robin Sharma wannabe. Blabbering words of wisdom while sipping tea in a room full of comforts. Well, the latter is true. I am indeed sitting in comfort. And that has been possible only because I decided to stop surviving and start living.

I left my sales job after trying to fit into a life that was not for me after struggling for 6 months. After gobbling a barrage of insults from my seniors for not coming close to the target given to me. And I understood after a point of time, I am trying in vain.

If you like me feel the same, then read on. I Am sure you must be having an idea too. An idea that can change the world. But you are plagued by worries, what-ifs, and the fear of failure. Starting a business is not a piece of cake. It requires investments, infrastructure manpower, and much more.

It indeed does, but let us take a leaf out of the great entrepreneur’s lives. Some started in garages, some lost everything and came back to conquer everything, and they did this when they were without the one advantage we all have, ‘The internet’.

We have the Internet if America was the land of opportunities a decade back. The internet now is the digital land of opportunities. A Facebook and Instagram account has the potential to advertise your product more than a ‘super bowl’ commercial.

“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage. ” –Amy Jo Martin

Uber Connect and Amazon will deliver your products to their desired recipients quicker than the transport and logistics department of a multinational company.

Even something complicated like maintaining a customer relationship department has been simplified by the invention of mobile CRM software like GoDial, which works seamlessly on your smartphone. Making the requirement of manpower completely optional.

Now comes, the all-important question of funding. Well, we live in times of innovation, if your idea is good enough. You are ought to find investors trusting you with their resources.

All you need is to stop binging Netflix and surf the net looking for them.

Hence all your bases are covered when it comes to starting up a business. You may not be comfortable with the entire “Work from home” culture set in due to the on-going pandemic. I am smelling an opportunity, a chance to shift from the age-old ways of working to a much more modern way. I believe this pandemic has made us independent. We no longer are confined to the four walls of a room we called the office to get our work done. We now can get things done from the comfort of our homes.

So the answer to the question I asked upfront, “Is this the right time to Start-up?”, is yes. It indeed is. The sooner you start working for your dream the better.

Do not let the “Bezos” in you, sit idle and repent.

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