Can you really “Work From Home”?

Let’s turn the clock a year back, you are returning from work, and a person hands over a leaflet to you. You take a moment to read it and then smirk at the contents. The leaflets would generally say two things. One “Solve all your sexual problems” and two, “A brilliant Work from home opportunity for you” followed by an insane amount of money promised as monthly income. You either threw it or wiped your shoes with it. In my case, I always kept them to wipe off stains on my shirt.

Work was something synonymous with the office, of course, we could bring work home, but working completely from home was somewhat of an alien idea to us.

And then a year later someone ate a ‘bat’ and you were forced to stay at home. In the blink of an eye, things changed. Forget about going to the office, the virus did not even allow you to visit the neighborhood market. Markets, schools, shopping malls, offices everything was forced to put down their shutters. I for instance could not believe my eyes when I saw something like a petrol pump empty.

Initially, you relied on your savings but even Alibaba’s cave ran out of riches. So relying on them for far too long was not the option. You could not go out as the Virus was roaming the streets with a loaded M16 rifle, ready to get inside you and kill you.

The only option therefore remained, was to work from home. The idea was great, sitting in the comfort of your house and completing the tasks given by your organization. But wait, there’s a reason offices were made. It was a place that had all the types of equipment you required to get things done. Your laptop/P.C., the server, the printer and even the espresso machine contributed were important to get the tasks accomplished. Without these, it was unimaginable to work.

But you have to. Cause the stomach needs food and the head needs a roof. After the lockdown was announced, my company like all decided to downsize. And my name was on top of the list. For once topping a list did not feel good. It took a while to recover from the blow, but I had to like everyone. And I started looking for jobs again, all challenged me with one problem, the problem of getting work done from home. And like many, I only possessed a smartphone that too a not very advanced one.

Being a salesman it was tough to call the numbers provided by my new organization, connect with clients, and then store feedback and eventually follow up. This seemed to be a Herculean task without a computer and a CRM department to help me out. So I did what we all do when the going gets tough, I started googling for alternatives to make my life easier. And after a bit of search, I came across GoDial.

GoDial is the software that not only stores data but auto dials on the numbers stored, takes feedback, and then sets a reminder for you to follow-up. The best part of it all, all this can be done in the cheapest of smartphones with a very basic data plan. It’s in-built CRM tracks the journey of the client and gives you the necessary details to store details. For me this was nothing short of a miracle, I could now do all without having to depend on anyone. All I needed was a smartphone and that too not a very expensive one. I was on the verge of giving up on my dreams of becoming a sales-manager, but thanks to GoDial that dream survives to fight another pandemic.

There are a set of words that we love to hear: “Adversity is the mother of invention.” GoDial has invented a new way to make the Herculean task of “Working from home” easy.

Being a salesman, I can personally vouch for GoDial, as it has helped me to improve sales a lot. So yes you can “Work from home” and not only survive but thrive.

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