Often you find yourself in a situation where you have to dial numbers to connect to clients from large call lists. The only way you believe to do that is by typing the numbers fast and rushing through the calls.

In case you are using a Mac for the task along with your phone to dial from the list. This is what you can do,

• Open the spreadsheet on your laptop/desktop.
• Copy the number.
• Paste it on your iPhone’s phone dialer.
• Call and connect to your client.

Now, this is a time-saving process indeed. But it is not going to save the amount of time you would like when dialing from such long lists. Every second saved will be an important addition to the total time given to complete the task. And I do not need to remind you that the task is going to be a difficult one.

Mac despite giving you an easier way is not the best way put there. For there are a few problems,

• You will need two devices. Both Apple products.
• You can only copy one number at a time. Which if you see is a tedious job.
• It requires more concentration to handle two devices

That was for Mac, but what if like me you are a windows user. We do not have the option like Mac users. We have to take the longer route, of seeing numbers from spreadsheets and dialing from it. No matter how fast your fingers are in typing, you will not be able to complete the task on time.

Let’s see what you can do,

• You can open the spreadsheet with the numbers, and keep your phone ready.
• Have a strong cup of coffee.
• If you think the second point was a joke, trust me it was not, for that is all you can do.

You can try to save time like Will Smith’s Chris Gardner from The Pursuit of Happiness, but that will not do much even.
(link to the scene from youtube- https://youtu.be/xPBBnS4br9w)

What if I tell you there is a way to automate the entire process of dialing? What if you could “Auto dial” the numbers one after the other without actually having to type the set of numbers every time.

Fortunately, you can autodial. For there are many auto dialing softwares that allow you to autodial now.

Of all the softwares out there, I personally vouch for GoDial, for it does a lot and that too in a phone. So unlike Mac, you will not need two devices, as it will do it in one.

How does GoDial work?
GoDial is the most user-friendly software out there. It just takes a few simple steps from your side, before the software starts assisting you in your work.

GoDial For Personal Use

Step 1 :Download GoDial app from the play store / app store

Step 2: Add / Import your contacts into the CRM

Step 3 : Click Start

GoDial For Team Use

Step 1: Sign up at https://avifainfotech.com/godialwebsite

Step 2: Add your team, Add lists, Add Contacts

Step 3: Download the Team app, and start dialing

GoDial stands apart from its competitors as,

1. Turns any phone into a call center like autodialer and CRM.

2. No hardware, No setup cost, No VOIP, No call charges, simply start off using your phones. Instant setup and do it yourself platform for any business that makes phone calls.

3. Send messages or WhatsApp after every call, make voice notes, set callback reminders.

4. Perfect for work from home, a central dashboard to see the team progress, manage contacts, team, and reports.

We live in a world where time is more important than money, for money can be earned if lost, time can not be regained. And that is the reason we have to find ways to save as much time as possible for it will aid in improved productivity.

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