Looking for a better way to keep records of your customers? I guess maintaining a CSV file is really tough in this matter. Maybe it is a CRM software/app that you are looking for.

Even in the first century of the third millennium, many organizations still rely on maintaining CSV files for their sales and marketing purposes. Most of the employees mainly rely on Excel as it is a well known tool and they find it easy to use for their work.

Though Excel is a great tool for projections and keeping track of reports, companies often look for more detailed and easy tools to do their everyday task like tracking a lead and interactions, moreover keeping a record of everything related to their marketing and sales. That is where CRM comes in.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. As the name states, it is a tool that keeps the record of your customers. It is a bridge that you make between you and your customer so that it is easy for you to reach your customer whenever and wherever needed. It is one of the best approaches to keep the record of your past, present and potential customers.

Many CRM tools such as GoDial provide you a mobile application of Auto-dialer with an inbuilt CRM feature. Just call your client and after the call, simply add the feedback or conversation details in the CRM. It helps you and your team to access any customer’s report at any point of time from any place they are in. And as it comes offline so you can update, make changes even if your device does not have an active internet connection at that very point of time.

And CRM is a boon to any business in this pandemic situation. While we are fighting a battle against our invincible enemy called COVID-19, we still have to grow our businesses. It is not always possible for us to be in a good reception area with an active connection and do our work while working from home. But that is what these mobile CRMs are taking care of. Many mobile CRMs are there with offline features where you can modify or add any reports and when the connection is available, it will be automatically updated.

The mobile CRM is the midas touch especially for the field-sales representatives as they have to make updates on the fly. While in excel you cannot always keep the details whilst on the go and have to wait for copying the updates manually to share the details with your teammates.

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” – Jim Rohn

Time is one of the most important factors in a business. Isn’t it too obvious that maintaining reports in an Excel file is a much more laborious process than keeping the reports in a customised and easy-to-use interfaced CRM? With a CRM present in your pocket you can do your work as quick as lightning and it will definitely save your time.

Oh WAIT!!!!!! GoDial also gives you an option to leave a Voice note in the CRM field which means you don’t have to type a whole report on your own.

Now all this may sound like a fantasy to you, do not worry we have real-life experience of a client to share with you.

Milind Thakkar is an EXCEL expert.

He was devoted to the program. He believed the software to be invincible. And started relying on it for everything from his work to keeping track of his monthly grocery expenses. Being a sales representative for a reputed company, he would feed the data in the EXCEL spreadsheets, then he would sit under a tree and dial-up those numbers and try to connect with his clients. After finishing the call he would store the feedback. This was a strenuous and time-consuming task but it was something Milind believed in, as he was a meticulous person by nature. Typing the details into the spreadsheet, then dialing the numbers from those spreadsheets, and finally storing the feedback. Then creating another column for the follow-ups. He used to spend hours behind this.

It happened to be a chance encounter with GoDial and Milind was shocked at the Software’s diligence. GoDial did everything Milind required in a screen that measured only 5 inches. There was no need to put in those long hours typing in the details in a spreadsheet and then arranging the data. GoDial not only stores the data, it arranges them according to the feedback given after the call. And then creates a follow up list by itself and reminds to call on the given date.

This was not only saving time for Milind but his work was done in one single device, whereas before it required two, one being rather big to carry around. Now all he needed to do was fill in the data, and the rest was done by GoDial, it autodialed from the list, then stored the feedback and reminded him to follow up.

In Milind’s words
“Softwares such as GoDial is nothing short of a boon for people who have to make more than 100 calls per day and work with a lot of data. Features like auto dialer and in-built CRM are a lifesaver.”

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