Why You Need A Mobile CRM In 2022 And Which One To Choose

Sales representatives have always been on the go. In the past, they used paper-based methods to keep track of their customer interactions.

This was fine when sales reps were in their offices, but it became a problem when they were out in the field. They needed a way to access their customer information while they were on the go, and that’s where mobile CRMs come in.

A mobile CRM is a customer relationship management software that sales reps can use on their smartphones or tablets.

This type of CRM gives sales reps the ability to view their customer data, make calls, send emails, and track their sales pipeline while they’re away from their desks.

Mobile CRMs are becoming increasingly popular as more and more sales reps are relying on their mobile devices to do their jobs.

In fact, a recent study found that 78% of sales reps say they use their smartphones for work tasks, and 43% of sales reps say they use their smartphones more for work tasks than they did a year ago.

There are a number of reasons why sales reps are using mobile CRMs more and more.

First, mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful.

They’re no longer just for making calls and sending text messages; they’re now mini-computers that can handle a variety of tasks.

Second, mobile CRMs are more affordable than they used to be.

In the past, mobile CRMs were only available to enterprise-level companies with large budgets. But now, there are a number of affordable mobile CRMs on the market that are suitable for small businesses and startups.

Third, mobile CRMs make it easier for sales reps to stay organized.

In the past, sales reps had to remember to update their CRMs when they got back to their desks. But with a mobile CRM, they can update their CRMs in real-time, which makes it easier for them to keep track of their customer interactions.

Fourth, mobile CRMs make it easier for sales reps to collaborate with their teammates.

In the past, sales reps had to rely on phone calls and emails to communicate with their teammates. But with a mobile CRM, they can use the CRM’s chat function to collaborate with their teammates in real time.

Finally, mobile CRMs make it easier for sales reps to track their performance.

In the past, sales reps had to wait until they got back to their desks to see how many calls they made or how many emails they sent. But with a mobile CRM, they can track their performance in real-time, which makes it easier for them to identify areas for improvement.

The year 2022 particularly has seen a plethora of Mobile based CRMs being built. Proving the fact that mobile CRMs are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why.

They’re more affordable than ever, they’re easy to use, and they offer a number of benefits that sales reps can’t get from a traditional CRM. If you’re not using a mobile CRM, now is the time to start.

The concept of mobile CRMs might sound complicated but in reality, it is not. It does the following things.

·        It feeds data into its system.

·        Then sets a reminder according to your convenience.

·        It stores all the feedback given by you on your sales prospects.

·        It prepares lists based on that feedback and prepares data for you to use.

Simply by doing this, it follows the entire life cycle of a sales prospect, and all this is done on your smartphone.

With 2022 providing so many options to you when it’s coming to choose a mobile CRM for your business. We suggest you to have a look at GoDial.

Godial is software that enables you to make more than 150 calls with just a command.

The hassle of typing numbers for every call is a thing of the past.

Godial has successfully automated the entire process, which not only saves time but improves productivity. And the dexterity of the application does not end here.

It has the capability of storing feedback and generating a list based on those feedback for following up later.

It also possesses an in-built CRM, which does everything a CRM department does from a simple smartphone, saving on manpower and infrastructure required for the department. With the feature of bulk messaging, it takes care of your messaging needs too.

With Godial you can easily –

1. Turn any phone into a call centre like an autodialer and CRM.

2. No hardware required, No setup costs incurred, No requirement of VOIP, No call charges spent, simply start off using your phones.

Instantly setup and do-it-yourself platform for any business that makes phone calls.

3. Send messages or WhatsApp after every call, make voice notes, and set callback reminders.

4. Perfect for working from home, a central dashboard to see the team progress, and manage contacts, team, and reports.

They provide a 4 days free trial, with all the features at your disposal, it is a sure shot try.

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