Ever since the dawn of telephony, sales calls have been the mainstay of businesses. Calling up prospects in the hope of making a conversion has become a part of the daily roster for any sales rep worth his/her salt. Consequently, cold calling has become a crucial aspect of this job. Auto dialers make life simple if you need to do cold calls. An auto dialer (or, auto caller) is a software or hardware that dials numbers automatically from a list. After a call is done, it moves to the next number in the list by default. For this article, I will be exploring a few auto-calling solutions that could see higher uptick in 2020:


The newest entrant in this segment, GoDial is a lightweight auto-dialer that works on both iOS and Android devices. It is free-to-use for upto 100 contacts and has no limits on the number of calls/SMSs/Emails. Paid subscription is at USD 4.5/month or USD 39/year. With a simple CRM interface to track contacts and their dispositions along with a task management setup (To-Do list with timelines and reminders), GoDial is ideal for small businesses and SMEs. Set up template SMSs or emails and send them in bulk. Follow up calls with an SMS or message on some other social media platform. The app works offline and entirely from your handheld device. Plus, it doesn’t store any information anywhere else other than the device in which the app is installed to ensure data privacy. GoDial also creates graphs and call-reports on demand.


CallOnTheGo is a similar nifty power dialer that takes just minutes to get started. With an easy-to-understand dashboard, CallOnTheGo is ideal for non-technical users. It allows API integrations for import and export of contacts on Google, GMail, Hubspot etc. using Zapier. However, the platform offers no free plans and has a 7 day free trial after which users will have to pay for subscription (USD 815 yearly or USD 97 monthly). Access to CallOnTheGo is through a user ID and password login system. In addition to the iOS and Android apps, it has a web dashboard to track call status. Unfortunately, there is no CRM on the platform.


FreshCaller is one of the biggest players in this space and is from the Freshworks stable of customer engagement products. Freshcaller offers a more sophisticated call-dialer in the form of a cloud-based PBX system (private branch exchange i.e. an enterprise telephone system) which is like a full-service VOIP. This is ideal for large technically adept teams that have thousands of customers and sales prospects to manage. With an inbound call router, the platform is also used to handle support and after-sales services. It has both free and paid plans. However, all plans include pay by minute charges for the PBX service.


GetCalley is a cloud-based auto-dialer that works from an iOS/Android app and can be managed from a web portal. It also provides VOIP integration services on its platform. Like CallOnTheGo, GetCalley allows API keys for contact import/export using Zapier (in paid plans). There’s a free plan which is limited to 25 calls per day, 1 calling list and allows upto 50 contacts. Paid plans start at USD 10/month. The Calley Teams version has team performance views and has options to migrate contacts between calling agents.

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