While the CRM needs of hospitals are very different from those of commercial enterprises and other types of nonprofit organisations.‌‌Healthcare CRM systems are being adopted by hospitals to address a variety of business needs.

There are some issues being faced by the hospitals which include, Consumers having more choices than ever as to which hospital to choose for specialty care and for treatment of serious illness.

With ever shifting local populations, ongoing large scale marketing efforts are required to create awareness within the communities served by various facilities. To support these marketing efforts, easy access to big data sources is becoming an increasingly important component of CRM in hospitals.

Hospitals/Doctors also need a way to stay in touch with their patients. Pre and Post Hospitalisation/Diagnosis. ‌‌

(may I crudely call them customers moving forward)

How often you as a Doctor or a Hospital have been able to call up a patient to remind them of their follow up visit, or ask about how they are 3 weeks post op.

An Industry, where CARE is primary. A phone call follow up, a week post surgery shows how much you CARE. And it makes all the difference. With GoDial You Can Easily Stay Connected to Your Patients‌‌

A CRM with Auto Dialer features and being mobile so that it can be used anywhere from the staff room to the dorms in a click of a button can be a game changer for the healthcare industry.

These are some ways you can deploy GoDial in your effects to extend CARE from hospital to home and be a 360 degree CARE brand for your customers.‌‌‌‌

  • Centralised patient data management: Store and manage patient date in GoDial’s mobile CRM. The data can be accessed and updated by nurses, doctors and staff. GoDial allows creation of custom fields with which you can create as much info for your patients as you like.
  • Timely Outreach : Nothing shows you care more, than a timely phone call. Create recurring reminders for calls or schedule calls to check up on patients.‌‌
  • Marketing : Create promotional outreach campaigns like health checkups, blood test drives, simply filter patients by age or status and then start dialing.
  • ‌‌Analytics : See details on stages of the patients, like In Hospital, Recovering, Recovered, etc. See performance of admin staff on calls, duration of calls,etc.
  • Segments: Create segments with filters, for example List of patients who have diabetes under the age of 45, and call them for a check up every 6 months.

Apart from Doctors and Hospitals,Nursing Homes, etc, Pharmaceutical companies can take advantage of GoDial. Every day thousands of MRs are equipped with complicated CRMs and often manual entry. GoDial can be a de facto tool for managing their Doctor followups, notes,etc.

Customer relationship management in healthcare is all about the use of technology to provide value-added services to its patients and creating customer delight and improving customer loyalty.

GoDial is the solution you are looking for. Try today!‌‌

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