GoDial Mobile CRM and Auto Dialer For Real Estate

Being a real estate agent in these trying times is anything but easy. The wallets have shrunk and people prefer to keep funds liquid and not make investments in real estate.

And with the world gathering pace and clients becoming busier than ever, it really is difficult to convince them to invest in your property.

Therefore, this is the proper time to make a little change in your approach. Since the times are tough, connecting to more clients than before is of paramount importance.

Now, the problem that arises with having clients more than a controllable number is keeping track of their feedback.

Having a call centre or a CRM department for this is utterly impractical. The solution lies in having a mobile CRM. The entire CRM department in your smartphone is the need of the hour.

The concept of mobile CRMs might sound complicated but in reality, it is not. It does the following things.

A. Store customer data like Interests, Properties, Income Group, etc into a simple organised system

B. Easily lets you filter important customers, for example filter all people who are have not purchased a property, but are interested in high rise apartments near metro.

C. Captures all the feedback given by you on your sales prospects

D. Reach out to filtered lists via Calls to promote new offers.

It follows the entire life cycle of a sales prospect, and all this is done on your smartphone.

Godial is an automatic call dialer but It has the capability of storing feedback, generating a list based on those feedbacks for following up later. It also possesses an in-built CRM, which does everything a CRM department does from a simple smartphone, saving on manpower and infrastructure required for the department. With the feature of bulk messaging, it takes care of your messaging needs too.

GoDial’s prowess does not end here. It can now do things that will make life not only easier for you but give you the additional edge over your competitors.

With the Nearby feature, your field force can now locate nearby customers.

GoDial provides the option of creating Custom fields, which lets you store additional information like price offered to a certain client. So the next time you call the client, you will know how to negotiate and close the deal with the help of notes created in the past. With GoDial you will never be lacking in information.

And that is not all, with the all important feature of API integration, you can easily automate the workflow, signup from your landing page can go directly inside godial and your agents can start engaging customers instantly.

Investment in property is one of the most important investments in an individual’s life, it is not something simple. So make your clients experience the best with the help of GoDial, when they are dealing with you, and not only succeed in closing the deal but also create a relationship with him, that would gain you valuable references.

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