When the word finance comes to our head, right at first we be like ‘Ah! Money’ and we all have our own reason to do so.

Financial sector as we all know is a section of the economy made up of firms and institutions that provide financial services to commercial and retail customers and comprises a broad range of industries including banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and loan firms.

The financial sector generates a good portion of its revenue from loans and mortgages hence, when rates are low, the economic conditions open up the doors for more capital projects and investment.

So, concentrating solely on this sector, the question arises,

Can GoDial help you in managing your work and recovery of loans?

Well definitely the answer is yes.
And here is how!

Here are some ways GoDial Mobile CRM and AutoDialer can help

  • CRM: Since it turns your phone into a CRM, it provides intelligent call distribution and filters to find loan defaulters and​ follow-up for collection​. Set the dispositions of the calls according to your need.
  • Information Storage : Save information like premium date, premium amount, and collect and set the info as required. Create dispositions like PAID, DEFAULTER, etc to easily sort out the right customers to reach first.
  • Work-from-home operation: Your agents can schedule their tasks for collection follow-ups and set reminders on the app by sitting at home.
  • Support team: Connect your support teams for updates on technical issues and collection of loans.
  • Tracking performance of collection agents: As a manager, you can track all activities sitting at home and ensure productivity. Your collections agents too can track all their current pending tasks on the app. With the task option, they can set the different tasks for example when to contact for recovery, date of recovery, etc.

Hence, you get complete insights into your borrowers, agents and collections with the help of GoDial.

As far as credit card bill due date is concerned, you can set up tasks according to the list of how and when the due is to be cleared.

Having GoDial on your right hand, you can do so simply by adding a list of the people with their dues and set up tasks for your agents where they can call the specific person on his/her due date according to the list. The dispositions and note field will let you know more about the type of conversation on a call.

You can even do the following:

  • Create recurring alerts for each customer, so you dont forget to nudge them every month for bill payment
  • Integrate GoDial with an API and update payment info if already payment is made
  • Send text messages from your phone before giving them a call
  • Manage dispositions like paid, yet to pay, will pay next month, etc., so that it becomes easier for you and your team to keep track of all the calls being made.

GoDial also helps in promoting offers like new Credit Card, Opening a Savings Account, new Loads, etc and it’s CRM is used to manage customer relationships by accumulating all customer-related data in a single database.

This database can help them perform various daily activities such as communicating with clients in a timely fashion sitting at home, developing targeted marketing campaigns as well as visualizing multiple workflows.

When properly tuned, a CRM can offer the following features helping to advance the loan portfolio:

  • Segmentation: With a CRM solution, sales consultants can easily sort their customer base by different criterias to identify those who are likely to accept loan offers as well as define what sort of loans they need and when.
  • Targeting: Using in-depth data from customer profiles, sales consultants can match customers with relevant loan offers. Delivering targeted emails or texts or extending promotions by phone, the agency can meet individual customers’ needs for loans.
  • Follow-ups: With the help of CRM you can integrate your platform with any system and automatically assign leads to sales consultants, speeding up follow-ups.

A modern business – especially insurance sales – must meet a multitude of increasing requests from the growing generation.

In the current marketing and investment climate, the automatic collecting and processing of data are crucial.

Today’s best instrument for these tasks is a modern CRM for insurance agents hence the name GoDial. Their main advantages lie in the ability to facilitate the work of agents, handle huge amounts of data, find more potential buyers, and more effectively convert them into customers.

GoDial uses AWS to host its data in Indian and US regions. It is one of the most secure architectures ever used in CRMs. GoDial secures you so that you can focus on your business.

Some of the aspect as to how Godial works are as follows:

  • Customer database: where all the details of the distinctly visible.
  • Automatic reporting: Agents can right away report the dispositions of the call by sitting at home at their ease.
  • Mass messages: Agents can work with text after calls option to send text messages to their clients by selecting the messages already being typed as default.
  • Call management: Agents can manage their calls by setting different dispositions of the calls as a response for their future reference. In Fact they can again set the dialled calls to new by rechurning their list in case the call was not successful.
  • Dialing a number: This function of GoDial for insurance companies allows calling the client directly from the application and saves a broker’s time.
  • Dashboard: It makes using all functions of a CRM for the insurance industry as quickly and comfortably as possible.

GoDial has succeeded in providing a complete solution to the host of challenges and complications faced by the Finance Sector. And that too in a Simple easy to use Mobile device

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