A guide on how you can capture leads directly Facebook ads into your GoDial CRM.

Social media marketing is on the rise, more and more businesses are going digital to promote their businesses.

Facebook on an average is running over 2.7 billion advertisements. The leads generated from these ads are nothing short of gold dust, for businesses.

GoDial can now integrate with ads running on Facebook directly with just a few clicks.

To enable this, follow the given steps

Step 1 - Click on the the Integration tab on the web dashboard.

Step 2 - Go to the Facebook integration option and click connect.

Step 3 - Click on the Add button and authenticate with Facebook. While authenticating ensure you choose the right pages and click next.

Step 4 - Select your page from the dropdown, choose the form for which you want to receive leads and select the list in GoDial where you want to receive and click add.

GoDial Integration with Facebook
Choose the form and the list

Step 5 - Assign your tele callers to the list and get to autodialing.

You can also add multiple forms for multiple ads and have your tele-calling team call them.