A guide to track the incoming calls on the phone and how to add them into GoDial's CRM.

GoDial predominantly has always been an outbound, sim-based autodialer with an in-built CRM.

But with its newest update the engineers have figured out a way to track incoming calls and add them into the CRM.

This feature will help,

a. Managers to track every call on the agents phone.

b. Agents to add the incoming calls into the CRM, the new contacts can be saved and later be exported. The contacts' disposition can be changed which are already saved in the CRM. Helping managers and agents to know every detail about the contact.

c. It serves as a cheaper solution to IVR systems, and helps small organizations to track incoming calls on a particular phone.

To enable this feature log in to the web-dashboard and follow these steps,

Step 1 - Log in to the web dashboard from and go to the team and members tab.

Step 2 - Click on the edit icon of the individual member cards and enable CALL LOG ACCESS.

Step 3 - Log in to the GoDial Enterprise application, and click on the Circular dialer icon on the right hand side bottom.

Step 4 - Change the tab and now click on the + symbol to add the numbers into the CRM. You can see the disposition mentioned of the contacts dialed previously. you can change them too by tapping.

Step 5 - Click Save.

Step 6 - You can check the saved contact in Master under Report and Analytics tab.

Kindly note this feature is not available on iOS, it is available in all versions of Android.